New Landed House Development in Selangor

New Landed House Development

Everyone loves to look for landed house. Of course we do! You have your own land, you have the feeling of freedom. Your children can play outside. So here is new landed house development.
Here is 3 new landed project that you can consider. It is from 3 different place which is in Cyberjaya, Puchong and U17,Shah Alam. Considering the size and price, I believe it is worth to check them out!!
Do take a look!
All comes with rebates and freebies!

A) 2-Storey Link House CyberJaya (Open all)


+ Located between Cyberjaya & Dengkil
+ 5km to Cyberjaya & PICC
+ Size from 22×70, 4r + 3br
+ Booking RM2000 only.
+ Low deposit needed
>>Price starts at RM 700k (before discount)
>> Comes with rebates & freebies!!

B) Cluster & Semi-D, Puchong (Malay reserved)

 desiran bayu
+ Very affordable not to miss!!
+ O-Downpayment, small booking.
+ Available only : Cluster Link (30×60) & Semi-D (40×70)
+ Nearby beautiful lake.
+ 5r + 3/4 br
>> Price starts at RM680k for Cluster (before discount) and RM900k for Semi D (before discount)
>> Comes with rebates & freebies!!

C) Semi-D , U17, Shah Alam(SgBuloh) (Open all)

+ 3400sq (6r + 3br)
+ House is ready to occupied
+ big rebate , low deposit
+ Premium development
+ Because of the high rebate, you can apply for loans even your financing is only 70%
>> Price starts at RM1.3m only for the house beautiful such as this!
>> Comes with rebates & freebies!!
If you are interested, please register below. We will get back to you ASAP :

If you are looking for Apartment which is very nice and worth to buy, please click this link. The price starts at RM370K only!!

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